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Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever Made

Hospitals should be the safest spots where treatment and healing takes place.  Patients look to the professional staff and specialized facilities for answers to their illnesses.

Unfortunately, hospitals these days fails us. People make mistakes.  Mistakes can occur in any profession.

Some of the most exasperating medical mistakes happen when a patient is unconscious in the theater.

There are numerous things that can turn out badly in the hospital.  Here is a rundown of 10 disturbing medical mistakes:

Removed More Than Expected

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeImagine waking up from surgery only to discover your private parts gone attributable to some medical mistakes.

Hurshell Ralls, 67 years of age, woke from surgery to hear that the surgeons were successful at removing all the cancer from his bladder.

However, the doctors likewise removed his penis and testicles.  “I was one frantic man,” Ralls said in an interview.

Ralls additionally said that the specialists never recommended the likelihood of removing his balls and penis. [adinserter block=”2″]

The circumstance turned out to be more regrettable when later it was discovered that cells from Ralls’ penis tested negative for penile cancer.  A settlement was agreed in Ralls’ civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum.

Wrong Kidney

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeA patient at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, Minnesota experienced an alternate yet similarly disturbing medical mistake in 2008.

The anonymous patient registered with the hospital to remove a cancer infected kidney.

A day after the surgery specialists acknowledged they had removed the healthy kidney rather than the cancerous kidney.

This happened when the kidney on the wrong side was named on patient’s medical diagrams as cancerous.

“A blunder of this degree has, to the best of our insight, never occurred at this clinic,” said Dr. Samuel Carlson, chief medical officer for Park Nicollet Health Services which owns Methodist Hospital.[adinserter block=”2″]

Wrong Eye

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeOperations on the wrong body part are ghastly when you are the victim.  When the wrong surgery is done to your child it is a parent’s nightmare.

Jesse Matlock was just four years of age when a heartbreaking medical mistake occurred.  He went to the hospital to adjust his wandering eye.

It was a standard procedure.  The issue was the wrong eye was worked on.  The surgery was done at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon.

The doctor said she didn’t understand she had worked on the wrong eye until the point when the surgery was completed.


“It just overwhelms me,” said Dale Matlock, Jesse’s father.   “I can’t grasp what occurred in that operating room. [adinserter block=”1”]

This is a medicinal setback that is never expected to happen.  Something had to happen with their procedure.”

Wrong Patient

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeMost patients do as they are told in light of the fact that they trust that the doctors and nurses have competent information of what they are doing.

Kerry Higuera went to the emergency room in Arizona when she was pregnant on the grounds that she was bleeding.

Little did she realize that she would turn into a casualty of a one of the weirdest medical mistakes ever.  The nurse took Carrie to a CT scan room.

“Is this really what I need to have done?” Kerry asked assuming that radiation would hurt her three-month old fetus.

The nurse assured her that “this is what the doctor wants” so she submitted to a stomach CT scan.

Later Higuera was visited by the emergency room doctor, two radiologists and a representative to the HR division of Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale.

Higuera said she was told that there was a medical mistake.  Kerry said she recollects that, “They said ‘There’s another patient here named Kerry, and both of you are a similar age.[adinserter block=”1”]

We mistook you for her.  She was supposed to have the CT scan, not you.’

“Higuera became very mindful in light of the fact that her child could have mental retardation, a low IQ or growth issues due to the exposure to radiation.

Surgical Souvenir

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeDonald Church, 49 year old, was not distinguished as the wrong patient.  However, he was in huge pain in the wake of having a cancerous tumor removed in 2000.

At first doctors revealed to him it was just the ordinary pain that patients encounter after surgery.

However, after quite a while of nonstop pain the specialists found the source of his pain.

Church had a 13 inch medical instrument inside his body that had coincidentally been left there after his surgery.

The retractor, which holds tissue and organs in place near an incision, is about the measure of a rule.

This is even odder on the grounds that the instrument is not commonly inserted totally into the body during surgery.

It was removed and Church has not suffered any long haul health impacts from the grave medical mistake. [adinserter block=”2″]

He got a $97,000 medical malpractice claims from the college of Washington Medical Center for the medical mistake.

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Wrong Organs

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeSome medical mistakes can have broad and deadly consequences.  Jesica Santillan did not have additional instruments left in her.

Instead Jesica Santillan was 17 years of age when she was given heart and lungs that did not match her blood type.

Santillan was a Mexican foreigner who went to the United States of America looking for a treatment for a life-threatening heart condition.

Duke University Medical Center neglected to check the similarity of the organs prior to her surgery.

After a second transplant operation to correct their mistake she suffered brain damage and complications that caused her death.

The doctors at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, gave her organs from a type A blood donor and she had type O blood. [adinserter block=”1″]

The bungle sent her into unconsciousness.  She died not long after an endeavor to switch out the organs failed.

Duke reached a medical mistake settlement with the family for an undisclosed sum.

Too many Teeth

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeEnvision walking into a dental specialist’s office with a minor toothache and leaving without all your teeth.

Christopher Crist, a 21 year old, was having pain in his mouth so he went to the dentist.  Crist went to Amazing Family Dental in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He was hoping to have three teeth pulled from his mouth.  Instead he woke up to know that each of the thirty two teeth had been pulled.

Now he is confronting existence with no teeth.  Sheena Cortez said she was in another exam room and said she was in dismay that something like this could happen.

She said Crist’s face “looked scary.”  Crist stated, “They pulled every single one of them [referring to his teeth].

I am will resemble a monstrosity now.”[adinserter block=”2″]

Not Enough Anesthesia

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeThe vast majority who go in for surgery get knocked out and the following minute wake up in the recovery room.

Erin Cook was not all that fortunate. He was a casualty to one of the most spine-chilling medical mistakes ever.

Cook had a technique to have an ovarian tumor removed.  During the process she woke up to learn she could feel everything that was going on, however was not able to communicate.

This was because of an under measurement of anesthesia which makes the brain remain alert yet the muscles to remain frozen.

She felt the pain of every cut during the surgery without numbness and with no means to advise the surgeon to stop.

No piece of her body would react regardless of how hard she attempted to move it.

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Later she was advised the vaporizer that should be keeping her asleep broke down and was leaking gas. [adinserter block=”1″]

As a result just 5% of the anesthesia was making it into her system.  The problem left Cook physically and emotionally damaged.

Wrong Tube

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadeAlicia Coleman was 19 months old when she went to an Omaha, Nebraska hospital.

She had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest after medication was wrongfully passed into her system.

Coleman was born 12 months premature and had a gastrointestinal disorder, however had been improving.

Alicia’s mom, Dominique Coleman, said Alicia was remaining in the Children’s Home Healthcare’s World where a nurse erroneously gave Alicia a medication, intended to slow the absorption of food, by means of a focal line to her heart as opposed to through Alicia’s feeding tube.

This caused the seizure and cardiac arrest. Specialists endeavored to revive Alicia for over one hour.

The hospital said they know human medical mistakes prompted the unfortunate death of Alicia.[adinserter block=”2″]

Dominique said she believes the demise to be accidental, yet can’t move on until the point that she’s fully aware that the hospital has assumed full responsibility for the disastrous actions and changes are established to ensure that this sort of medical mistake never happens again.

No Water

Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever MadePatients at hospitals expect certain things, for example water.  Kane Gorny, age 22, was hospitalized at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, south London.

Gorny would turn into a heartbreaking casualty of a medical neglect. He couldn’t acquire a glass of water at the hospital.

He was so desperate that he called the police from his clinic bed since he was so thirsty.

Nurses and specialists kept on neglecting his demand for water and he died the following day. Gorny died of dehydration.

Gorny’s  mother,  Rita Cronin, said that the ward was “in supreme turmoil” when she arrived to visit her child, with the nursing staff “exceptionally befuddled themselves, they looked way out of [their] profundity”.[adinserter block=”1″]

Gorny was forceful towards the staff taking care of him and nurses said he had a “fixation” with water.

Speaking of a standout among the most grievous medical mistakes, a Department of Health representative stated: “Every patient expects to receive safe and high-quality care, and to be treated with compassion.”

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