The administration of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, is yet to deal with a clarification by an authority in the Makurdi, Benue office of the Board that returns from the offer of affirmation scratch cards in the state, totaling N36million have been gulped from the money vault by a riddle wind that comes in the night.

The riddle wind was said to have sneaked into the record office of the Board in Makurdi and carried off the N36 million money various circumstances. Frame hopefuls until now obtained scratch cards from JAMB state workplaces and other assigned focuses, to access the Board’s site for either enrollment or to check their confirmation status.

The witchdoctor ventures in

Yet, the changes presented by JAMB enlistment center, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, when he accepted office in 2016, prescribed a conclusion to the utilization of scratch cards, supplanting it with more productive and successful stages.

To streamline its tasks, Saturday Sun learnt, a group of inspectors was dispatched to various state workplaces of JAMB to take stock of the sold and unsold scratch cards and recuperate whatever cash that may have either been produced or botched amid the time of the offer of scratch cards.

As they hit the ground running, a few mind boggling disclosures were made in various states went by. Yet, the instance of Makurdi office of JAMB uncovered a stunner to all. A business assistant, Philomina Chieshe, revealed to JAMB recorder and his group that she couldn’t represent N36 million she made in earlier years previously the abrogation of scratch cards.

Over the span of cross examination, Philomena denied the charges that she stole the cash. She however admitted that it was her housemaid that schemed with another JAMB staff, Joan Asen, to “profoundly” take the cash from the vault in the record office.

She stated: “I was one of the four deals assistants joined to JAMB office in Makurdi. My obligation was to offer scratch cards to hopefuls and not engaged with taking care of the incomes. It was the obligation of Joan Asen and my other senior associates. I just dispatch cash when am finished offering the cards.

“Barely any months prior, there was issue of misrepresentation in the Makurdi office. Inspectors were sent from Abuja to painstakingly flip the record books of the workplace, to maybe, determine the present situation.

“The state Coordinator, Obilo, was not around when the review group came. Be that as it may, over the span of the review, N36 million was found to have been absent from the record. An examination was propelled. Over the span of the examination, it was found that Joan Asen, who is account staff and a woman outside JAMB have plotted to take the cash.”

How the puzzle wind gulped millions

Philomina in her confession booth explanation said that Joan Asen and her assistants admitted that they have been taking the cash “profoundly” through a strange snake that constantly sneak into the workplace to swallow the cash from the vault.

As indicated by her “It was a puzzle to me as well. I have been sparing the cash in the bank, yet I thought that it was hard to represent it. So I began sparing it in a vault in the workplace. In any case, each time I open the vault, I will discover nothing. I wound up plainly stressed and astonished how the a huge number of Naira could be vanishing from the vault. I started to investigate everyone in the house and office, and nobody could concede to what may have happened to the cash. I kept on squeezing until the point that my housemaid admitted. She said that the cash vanished “profoundly”. She said that a “puzzling snake” sneaked into the house and gulped the cash in the vault.”


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